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Atlas Go

Project Mangement app lugged into firebase. Mobile and desktop.

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Be the office hero! Firebase store and auth (now off)

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Tinder Wars

Playing around with Ionic2 during a 12h star wars hackaton

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ToDo App

Ionic2 and angular, extended to use localstorage, and snap pictures

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Github explorer

Simple tutorial on Ionic, extended to show cool github data

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Ionic Blog with wp

Wrapper for a wp blog made with ionic

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Who am I?

Just a regular dude that likes all the things web dev, 99.99% self thaught, with a strong thirst of knowledge. I really like tooling and GUIs which allow me to produce good quality systems and having fun for all the time. I also fancy abstract and diverse asimmetry, favour straight line more than curves, design systems are my puzzles.

Which is why this portfolio, is more like a demo/playground when I try all the features of tomorrow css and js, in a very easy to use Gatsby wrapper.

Is there anything like Progressive Front-end developer? Who cares...