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How to create salon style hair at home

You can create head-turning hair in your very own home – yep, for real

The inside guide to the best beauty salons

Beauty editor Kelly Baker’s personal recommendations for all-thing beauty.

Seven simple steps to absolute perfection

We all want to look as pretty as possible. Here’s how to do it in a flash.

Seven heavenly scents (and when to wear them)

The perfect fragrance can be hard to find. So we did it for you.

Winter is coming … Make sure your skin is ready

The chilly season can be tough on skin – but we’ve got solutions

Secrets from an award-winning hair stylist

If you want head-turning hair then you need to read this

A man’s guide to grooming

You’re a bloke and you want to look good. Simple. Here’s how.

Your prettiest hands are only minutes away

Tips, tricks and treatments for perfect hands

How to make your manicure last forever

Well, a solid seven days anyway

How to get the best lashes of your life

Beautiful eyes are at their best when surrounded by fluttery lush lashes. Here’s how to make that dream a reality.

I dyed my hair blonde … and this happened

Clever tech means home hair colour is gaining popularity and in a big way

How to deal with eye lines and wrinkles

Laugh lines reveal a life well lived but smooth, soft skin is always the way to go.

Better than Botox – well, definitely cheaper

Sure you could get a muscle freezing injection or two, but the handy truth is you don’t have to.

A skin doctor’s tips for model perfect skin

If you want awesome skin then you’re going to love these simple steps

This Olympian wants you to believe in yourself

Victoria Pendleton values self esteem – she’s also pretty keen on makeup

Seven beauty items that will revolutionise your routine

Perfect skin, gorgeous makeup and as quick as a flash – yes please

The Beauty Editor’s guide to flawless makeup

Beauty insiders tell exactly what you need and how to use it

Clean, green, natural beauty

All things natural are selling like hot cakes in the beauty world, but they aren’t always what they seem.

Surprising ways to get that supermodel glow

Forget dieting – there are more fun ways to get gorgeous skin

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The Beauty Insider is the creation of beauty director Kelly Baker.

Kelly is one of the best-known and respected beauty directors in Australia. She is currently the Beauty Expert for the Network Nine websites 9Style and 9Honey. She also regularly appears on the Nine Network’s A Current Affair and Today Extra with David Campbell and Sonia Kruger to talk all things beauty and style.

Why I’m more beautiful today than ever before

The surprising answers from two very different women

Khloe Kardashian shares her hot body secrets

How she dropped the weight and built the body of her dreams

Six beauty products you never use, but should

Good news – it’s time to go beauty shopping. Huzzah!

All the reasons you need to know your skin type

Skin comes in four main types, but does anyone care? Yes, apparently. Here’s why.

Five minutes with … Hair guru Tabatha Coffey

Reality TV star, stylist and straight shooter

Say hello to the Top 10 (you’ll be glad you did)

We take this testing stuff pretty seriously – so you don’t have to

The beauty of self belief

This man was born a woman – this is his story

Boost your beauty confidence

A life coach tells you how

How to choose a life-changing scent

Simple yet kind of amazing tips

The Sydney hair salon celebrities love

When the A-List needs a cut and colour you’ll find them here

Five things to know before you get Botox

Because you do NOT want to get this wrong

Dear women who apply make up in public

We want you to stop – here’s why

The super easy nail tips we swear by

Strong healthy, gorgeous nails at last

The shocking confessions of a beauty editor

Plus a couple of tips you’re going to love

Delicious cocktails that won’t blow your diet

Easy to make and low in calories – win win. And win.

Can we talk about beautiful women?

Because they’re not just blue-eyed, blonde white girls

Why this foundation has a 25,000 person wait list

At least one of them will come as a big surprise

Three things you need to know by Robyn Lawley

Yes – that Robyn Lawley … mum, wife, friend, supermodel

It’s about Katie Holmes’ handbag though …

Imagine how much makeup you could fit in there.

The Korean Beauty Trend We Cannot Get Enough Of

And we’re pretty certain you’ll want to get on board

The Perfect Ponytail – Only Way Sexier!

Sexy, sophisticated and simple to do

Seven Mother’s Day Gifts For Less Than $50

Because she’s your mum – plus she’ll maybe let you use them

How to Get This Sold Out Benefit Blush Kit

It sold out in 24 hours but we know somebody

Why Victoria’s Secret ‘What Is Sexy’ List Is Wrong

Because sexy comes in more than just one shape, size and colour

The Budget Beauty Brand You Need To Know

It’s latest collection is on sale soon and trust us – you don’t want to miss it

Gwen Stefani Just Got The Cool Girl Cut Of 2017

And we’re #girlcrushing in a major way

Easy Ways To Break Out Of A Beauty Rut

Simple steps that will totally refresh your look

Seriously – Does Anyone Need To Use Toner?

We have the definitive answer and it’s a bit annoying frankly

This Is Why You Need A Makeup Brush Collection

If you want a flawless look then a brush (or three) is a must.

The Perfume That Will Make Any Man Fall In Love

Because a grown-up woman should know these things

Can A Skincare Product REALLY Be Worth $660?

Unfortunately the answer is a little bit yes and a little bit no – learn why here

Beauty Editor Leigh Campbell Wants A Word

She’s got advice and it’s good – real good

The Month’s Best New Beauty Is Here!

We take this testing stuff pretty seriously – so you don’t have to

Why Square-Shaped Nails Are A Definite No

We love a fresh manicure but it turns out there’s one shape we all need to avoid

TV Star Krissy Marsh on Mean Girls

The Real Housewife of Sydney star has some advice and it might just change your life

Would You Pay $30 For Cotton Pads?

Yes, it’s a fair whack of cash for cotton pads, but it is SO worth it writes, Beauty Insider Contributor Alexandra Valentino.

Nadia Bartel Never Leaves The House Without …

The Chronicles of Nadia influencer is all about the mascara – find out why here.

Anna Heinrich On Life With The Bachelor Tim Robards

Anna Heinrich is so very beautiful AND so very in love

The Bold New Brows That Say #BOSSLADY

They’re bold, they’re bright and they’re perfect for boss girls like you …

How To Be Happy By Anna Dawson Of @TheBalloonDiary

The lifestyle influencer star talks joy, smiles, travel and letting go

Do This And Solve Your Skin Problems ASAP – Yep, It’s THAT Simple

If you want skincare products that actually IMPROVE your skin rather than just moisturise we’ve got some info you need to hear

Olivia Wilde: New Face Of Natural Beauty Brand True Botanicals

The actress is the latest celebrity to land a beauty campaign only this one’s with an all-natural skincare line that we happen to know and LOVE

Laura Mercier’s Lightstruck Palette Is Here And It’s So Worth Buying

Here’s how to use it so that your skin gets that golden glow we all want so badly

Checkout Chick’s Epic Comeback To Makeup Shaming

Supermarket cashier gives customer a reality check after she openly criticises her makeup

We Talk To The Aussie Girl Behind Those Cool AF Quote Candles

Candles used to be pretty but kinda passionless – not any more ladies and gents – not any more

Redheads Rejoice – You’re Finally Getting Your Own Emoji

Well, okay not quite now – but it really is coming and soon

The NEW Pink Is Here And It’s Perfect For Weekend Wear

This pretty shade is just right for, well, everyone and everything

James Franco Is The New Face of Coach For Men And We’re Pretty Happy

Sure, we could pretend to be all serious about this but truthfully – we just think he’s hot

This Mesmerising Winged Liner Is All Instagram Wants To Talk About

One look and you’ll understand why beauty lovers worldwide are dying over it

I Tried The Vitamin IV Kim Kardashian Swears By And It Totally Worked

No wonder Hollywood’s It Girls are booking in for this treatment

The BECCA Chrissy Teigen Palette Is Here And Now We Can All Look Like Her

Well, a little more like her than we usually do. And that’s good enough for us

The Top Three Things Confident Women Do Every Day

Try them yourself and life will look VERY very different indeed

Expert-Approved Hair Tips That Will Change EVERYTHING

Okay, maybe not everything but definitely your hair and that’s almost everything …

The Surprising Eyeshadow Colour That Will Brighten Your Eyes Instantly

Yep – it’s bold, bright, bodacious blue and you NEED to try it today

I’m A Woman And I Shaved My Face And It Was Maybe The Worst Thing Ever

It’s a hot new trend that the internet is mad for, but frankly, I say no

How To Stay Young Forever (If Halle Berry Can Do It So Can You)

Well not forever maybe but a seriously long time and we’re so here for that

Beauty Editor Kelly Baker Shares Her Fave Travel Must-Haves

From luxe sheet masks to sweet-smelling candles, these are the items she never travels without

Yes You Can Share Your Beauty Kit With Your Man And This Is Why

You and your beau can share everything – except THAT …

It’s Time To STOP Testing Cosmetics On Animals Says The Body Shop

Most countries have no laws against animal testing and it’s time for change

Former Friends Star Courteney Cox Talks Cosmetic Surgery Regrets

The mature-age actress has dabbled with cosmetic surgery but she’s done with all that

A Beginner’s Guide To Injectables – All Fact, No Fiction

Because there’s a heckload of myths out there and you need to know the truth

The Three Beauty Trends That Are Blowing Up Right Now

The world of beauty is ever-changing – here, a quick rundown of our top three beauty trends for 2017.

The Kooky Natural Skincare Trend That Might Just Change Your Life

This hot new trend is nothing short of magical and you’re going to want to try it – and fast

These Banging New Brow Products Are SO Awesome + Super Easy To Use

The perfect arch is EVERYTHING – and this lot will make it easier than ever before

Lady Gaga Is Back On Instagram And She Has The Prettiest Ombre Peach Hair

She’s back and she’s more beautiful than ever before thanks to her soft, sweet peachy locks

Oh July You Damn Good Thing … What Did You Bring Us?

Go on – if anyone deserves a treat it’s you darling

Why The Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask Is A Best-Seller

Here’s why this Swisse detoxifying mask is so popular

The Hot New Makeup Trend Of 2017 – Say Goodbye To Contouring

Makeup trends come and go and #contouring is #GONE

A Handy Guide To The Very Best Skin Cleansing Oils For You

It sounds illogical but oil makes for a very fine cleanser indeed

Donate Your Unwanted Shoes And Help The Smith Family To Change Lives

Unwanted shoes? Donate them – and know you’re making a difference

The Sand & Sky Mask Has Sold Out In Australia And This Is Why

Okay … it’s because it’s really, really good. Simple really

The Skincare Mistake You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

Yep – you’re forgetting your neck, but that’s a mistake …

Every Single Skincare Product You Need For Your Next Flight

You can travel far and keep that pretty skin of yours in perfect nick

How To Wear Red Eyeshadow And Look Hotter Than Hell

Yes. You. Only even more amazing than usual

Barbie Is Back And You Will Not Believe What She Looks Like Now

The formerly one-dimensional doll is now a cool young woman and we’re so here for it

Beauty Editor Kelly Baker Answers Your Questions About … Everything

Because it seems the easiest way to do it … feel free to send more!

The Best Gear For Your Next Workout (Blast Fat And Look Good Too)

Because what’s a sweat session without a touch of chic

Easy Yet Awesome – The Smoky Eye In Just A Few Simple Steps

Because nothing says night time glamour like ol’ smoky

Brow Queen Amy-Jean Linnehan On Building A Beauty Empire

The woman behind the brand reveals how she got there – and how you can too

This $11 Concealer Is A Beauty Influencer Fave And You Need One

Because as it turns out, you don’t need to pony up the big money to get great results

August Is Here – Surely The Perfect Reason To Buy More Beauty Products

Oh beauty products. They really shouldn’t be so terribly enchanting […]

Emma Roberts Chopped Her Hair And It’s So Good We Want To Do It Too

This is the fourth new hair style this year – and it might be the best (like ever)

Chosungah – The Woman Behind The Most Famous Korean Beauty Brand EVER

The woman, the brand, the answers – read on and discover all that and more

The Fashion Girl’s Guide To All Things Pink And Grey … Let’s SHOP!

Because sometimes bright and bold is just not where you’re at

Skin Tight? Red? Sore? We Know Why And Better Still – How To Fix It

Because even the most reactive of complexions will behave if you treat them right

Kim Lewinn-Reilly Turned Her Passion For Beauty Into Big Business – Here’s How

Because turning your passion into your career isn’t as tricky as you might think

Dry Shampoo Is The Best Invention Ever And This Is Why

The inventor of dry shampoo deserves a medal – a really big shiny one

The Skincare Product Models Use To Get AMAZING Skin

Yes – it’s vitamin C and it is quite something

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles, Fine Lines And Stress In Just 10 Minutes

A handy pre-bed guide from celebrity yogi and natural beauty guru Mary Kant

The September TOP 10 Is Here And It’s INSANELY Good

The 100 per cent unsponsored straight-talking truthful review

You Will Not Believe Who Is Behind The Cult Beauty Brand BLAQ

When I was approached to interview the brain behind the […]

The Beauty Products Duchess Kate Middleton Swears By

She’s a royal and rich as heck, but Kate M loves a bargain

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Is Here At Last And It Is PERFECTION

We knew it would be good but it’s way better than that

Kate Ritchie Is All Grown Up And She’s Not Afraid To Show It

The actress and radio host is now all woman – and from top to toe

How To Choose The Best Anti-Ageing Foundation For You

As your face changes your makeup should do the same

Charlotte Tilbury Reveals The Surprising Secret To Perfect Eyeliner

The makeup guru on how to make her killer kitten flick come to life

Nicole Kidman Wins Best Beauty Look At The 2017 Emmys

That lip, that hair and of course, THAT dress

This Is The Colour Combination You’ll Be Wearing All Summer Long

It’s against the rules … but rules are meant to be broken

Get The Bachelorette Sophie Monk’s Look With Our Step By Step Guide

How to recreate those eyes, that mouth, those brows

Plus-Size Model La’Tecia Thomas Shares Incredible Before And After Pictures

Happier and healthier today, despite being curvier than ever before

How To Look 10 Years Younger By Skin Doctor Ginni Mansberg

Because the truth is you can make that dream a reality

The Sand & Sky Brightening Mask Is Sold Out – And This Is Why

The women behind the brand reveal their secret to success

How To Create This Gorgeous Grey French Manicure + More Nail Ideas

Because perfect nails are so much easier than you ever dreamed

The Chic Woman’s Guide To New York By One Very Chic Woman

Australian-born but New York-based Alice Hampton on the city’s best

Beauty Brand Garbo & Kelly Founder Shares Genius Secrets Of Success

Carolyn Fox knows a thing or two – learn exactly what below

The First Lady Of The US Melania Trump Has Got Style

We’re not so sure about the politics but the fashion – big yes from us

Beauty Guru Told She’s Not Pretty Enough To Sell Makeup

But Jamie Kern Lima of IT Cosmetics is having the last laugh

Swimsuit Models Renee and Elisha Herbert Talk Faux Tans And Much More

The sisters, models and all-round good sorts answer our beauty questions

Glow Like Australia’s Golden Girl Jennifer Hawkins – Here’s How

Oh that Jennifer Hawkins. She’s simply too beautiful for words. […]